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Clay 3D Printing Launched in India

Clay 3D Printing Launched in India

August 17, 2019

What if , you can use clay or ceramic instead of filament. Clay are quite cheap and it is really wonder for pottery industry if digital design is converted in the clay object. So you want to 3D print a cool coffee mug or animal figurine for your home? Or are you looking for some special ceramics for your lab? Then you might consider ceramic 3d printing.

India Based company JAK Machinery has launched Clay 3d printer. The company launched total three different size, from 300 mm to 500 mm. However the Clay 3d printer can be as big as couple of square meter. The row material is similar like tooth paste and just not Clay but also some other material like, adhesive, chocolate, cement, ceramic and paste type material. This open the door for 3d printing house!

Clay extrusion has little more tricky than filament extrusion, as Filament can be 350 meter long in 1 Kg. it is very convenient to feed filament in extruder. At the other had clay have problem with drying , air bubble and particles. Moreover the feeding and nozzle cleaning is also very frequent.  However all the problems have been solved so far and company is continuously working for making the clay 3dp printing technology user friendly and hassle free.

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